LIFE IS SHORT art long is set in 1920s Gothenburg, where Åke Göransson's short, solitary life leads to an exciting journey into the past - with maximum Gothenburg flair.

Trapped with his mother in a one-room apartment in old Landala, cut off from the world and in total poverty, Åke painted paintings that are timeless and poignant. Through the artworks, the film penetrates Åke's strange search for the color form and at the same time tells his impossible love story with Inga from Dalsland.

The story of artist Åke Göransson takes an unexpected turn when new works appear for sale, long after Åke's death. The story of Åke's little brother, the forger, gives the movie about Åke Göransson a new twist.

The documentary also reveals who owns the largest collection of Göransson paintings in the world today. Participants in the film include Lars Lerin, Maria Taube, Eva Göransson, Ragnar Strömberg, Daniel Ekta Götesson, Johannes Nordholm, Nils Ramhöj and Arne Stubelius.

A co-production with SVT

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