Pulling back the curtain on a dark side of the beauty industry we rarely get to see

“I was just a face and a body, the industry people would discuss me as if I were merchandise, negative as well as positive comments. They didn’t seem to consider I had a mind or feelings, they were only interested that my look— an ‘All American’ look—would sell more of their products. I now wonder what effect upon viewers my participation in misleading beauty advertising had? I also look back at myself with horror; an insecure, lonely but driven person who thrived on being reassured by the industry that she was desirable.“

Johanna St Michaels, director and former model

How has the blind worship of beauty formed the society we live in? What effect does this have upon those who don’t fit the industry standard of beauty? Who sets these ideals? Who makes the money from the insecurity of others?

In this feature length documentary director Johanna St Michaels confront both her younger self and an industry built upon devious illusions. In many cases the lies and distortions of the industry has led to racism, discrimination and even sickness – for both the participants in the creation of this beauty propaganda and the consumers of it.

A Co-production with St Michaels Production AB

Director: Johanna St Michaels

Producer: Hjalmar Palmgren

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