Socialarbetaren Preston i Liberia letar efter en rik kyrka i USA att samarbeta med. Men istället hittar han en fattig och radikal svart kyrka från Detroit. En rik amerikan, Kojo, erbjuder sig att hjälpa Preston men det visar sig snart att han lovar mer än han kan leverera. En film av Mats Hjelm från 2023.

En samproduktion med SVT

story of a group of poor Liberian social workers and their unsuccessful Interaction with their American patrons. Needing external help to fund their community work, the Liberians begin looking for a rich church in the USA as partner. By a twist of fate, they find a poor radical Black church from Detroit instead. The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church, a church founded in the 60s by civil rights activists claiming that Jesus is African, begin a partnership and set out to build the church’s mission in Monrovia. The church brings on board a rich entrepreneur who turns out to promise more than he can fulfill. The Liberians have entirely different needs and expectations and another mindset altogether based on their knowledge from their work on the ground. Even though they become friends, they do not share the same vision and this creates all sorts of misunderstandings.

A film by Mats Hjelm


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